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Can a Judge Order Joint Family Therapy?

Divorce is never easy, as this recent question posted on Avvo demonstrates:

My teenage child has severe behavioral problems due to our divorce and now wants to move in with the other parent, who does not accept that anything is wrong. Can I request the judge to order family therapy before such a change happens?

I have asked the other parent about having post-divorce counseling for the two of us, but he disagrees and says the child is fine and that does not understand why the child should have any problem since the divorce is between the parents. As the custodial parent, I am the one getting all the anger from the child for the break up, while the child is a love-starved puppy when visiting the other parent because of fear the father will “divorce” the child as well. My only option is if the judge orders family therapy to address the teenager’s issues. Can a family court judge mandate family therapy for us, and can I file a motion requesting it?

Yes is the answer to both halves of this question. The woman should request a GAL in order to support her, and consult a local attorney before beginning the process.